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Conspiracy Theory in America (book review)

Lance deHaven-Smith: Conspiracy Theory in America (University of Texas Press 2013, “Discover America” Series) This book by a professor of political science from Florida, USA, summarizes how the Americans have viewed the political conspiracies of their rulers from the 18th … Continue reading

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To the Evaluation Team

Below, two recent postings from the mailing list of the international council of the World Social Forum. The letters are made available here on the assumption that the messages and archives of the WSF-IC, including the evaluation and discussion of … Continue reading

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On the WSF’s outreach

“A strongly felt and long drawn anxiety is shared by many World Social Forum organisers and supporters. Its relevance vis-a-vis global politics and even vis-a-vis global progressives seems to be unstoppably fading away after a very promising start and exhilarating … Continue reading

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