Hello NIGD!

This WordPress Blog will, hopefully,  evolve into the front page of NIGD. In other words, it will become http://www.nigd.org. The previous site will stay online, though, and will be reached via the menu item DOCUMENTS AND NOTES (see above), and will be relocated to the new web address  http://docs.nigd.org .  Or something like that.

Do we have WordPress savvy people among the members of our networked Institute, or do we know such people (who would like to help or teach some WP-tricks)? Because I’m not particularly WordPress savvy, as you probably will conclude from how this page looks right now.

The “Discuss Now” icon below takes you to an online chat tool for NIGD’s members and board.  You may want to try it out! And we may need to find a more suitable  chat tool if you do not like this one.

- Mikael

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